5 Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Taking Up A Personal Loan

Don’t want to repeat same mistakes that people make while taking up a personal loan? If so, then you need to first understand what the mistakes that are commonly made. Although in some cases mistakes help in learning and improving but a simple mistake can pose an impendent in your financial growth. You can simply avoid making such mistakes by taking care of few things at the time of applying a personal loan.

During pressing times, getting a personal loan may seem like the best option to address important needs. But you are prone to make mistake if you take any decision out of hurry. There are various financial aspects which should be acknowledged if you want to be at peace of mind. To understand what the common mistakes that can be avoided flip through this article carefully.

Not Doing The Research Carefully

You cannot just simply get started with a personal loan without taking a look at the terms and conditions. If you do so then you are repeating one of the most common mistakes. It is because you cannot think of saving money without understanding the total price attached to a personal loan. So, good amount of homework is needed if you want to bag the best loan offer.

With so many types of personal loan available online, it becomes little tricky for you to choose which one will fit the best for your situation. Moreover, there are chances that you may end up making a wrong choice which can literally burn a hole in your pocket. So, to avoid making a mistake you will have to determine the purpose of your getting a personal loan. Consider reviewing your financial potential also before you make the final decision.

You must know one thing that applying for the right type of loan can eventually enhance your chances of getting approval. However, there are other factors which are given importance for loan approval. For best results you must research carefully before getting started with the loan application process.

Loan fine print details although may seem lengthy to read but should be carefully reviewed ahead of taking the financial decision.

Not Giving Due Importance To Your Credit Scores

Your credit scores are one of the important decisive factors for loan approval. So, ignoring your credit scores would mean losing a chance of getting a personal loan or making a wrong choice due to lack of awareness. Since credit scores can have a direct impact on your loan application. If your credit scores are less than perfect then getting low interest rates are almost impossible and in worst case your application could also get rejected by the lender.

But it is always not true that poor credit scores would result in rejection. There are lenders who are willing to provide financial help despite bad credit scores. So, it is important for you to check your credit scores before applying for a personal loan.

You can easily review your credit scores online. With good credit scores it would be somewhat easy for you to convince the lender. On the other hand, if your credit scores are not good then instead of worrying you must try out ways to improve your credit rating. If you are unaware of the ways to improve credit scores then you can search online and take advice of financial consultant and start working on your credit status.

Poor credit scores mean disputes, late payments or repayment defaults and this may lead to high interest rates if necessary steps to improve are not taken. You will be able to figure out any problem in your credit report only when you examine your scores carefully.

In order to find the right loan offer, you might consider approaching many lenders. Your credit report will suffer few changes every time you do this. It is because every time you approach a lender, a query will be raised and will get recorded in your credit report. If the number of queries that is raised within a short span of time is more, then lenders will be reluctant to approve loans for you.

Taking Loan Repayments Lightly

It may seem that things will sort out once you get approval for a personal loan. But what about loan repayment! You simply cannot forget about repaying loans once you get access to needed sum of loan. Loan repayment is an important aspect of the loan process.

There will be a specific duration fixed for you within which the loan amount needs to be repaid. At first, it may seem really simple to pay back as per schedule. But you will be surprised to know that missing a payment can ruin your credit score and will make taking up loans difficult in future.

While a personal loan can be a helpful option that can cater to your needs at the hour of crisis, this loan can become a reason of financial problem if not repaid on time. So, it is your responsibility to make sure if you can pay back loans on time before rounding out the online form for this loan.

If you think that these loans are beyond your affordability then you must refrain from borrowing. It is better to drop the idea of getting a loan which you cannot repay on time. On the other hand, if you are able to manage all your utility bills and credit card payments then getting this loan is worth it. If you are financially capable then only you will be able to handle a loan option like these loans.

You can set reminders on your phone or simply make a mark on the calendar so that you don’t miss out on the date of repayment. Moreover, you can simply take advantage of online technology to automate transfer of funds on the scheduled date.

Not Following A Budget

It is necessary that you must be aware of the pros and cons of getting a personal loan before applying. You can get relief from your financial problems with the help of these loans. But at the same time these loans can become a financial burden for you from repayment point of view.

To better understand what your requirements are and how you can manage the repayment you will have to plan your budget accordingly. Things will automatically fall into place once you start working with a budget. Also, you will have to ask yourself if you can manage everything or will struggle to strike a balance.

Personal loan repayment can be managed if you approach in a planned manner. But if it seems that repayment is going to be beyond what you can afford then seeking other ways would be best thing for you. Never shy away from sharing details of existing loans or any financial obligation that you might be facing. It is because the loan amount is decided keeping your liabilities in mind. Besides, hiding important information like this might result in rejection or in higher rate of interest.

Not Comparing Rates Carefully Before Making Application

Skipping the step of online comparison is in fact the biggest mistake that you could ever make. It is compulsory for you to look through options before taking financial decision like applying a personal loan.  When you don’t compare rates then it is most likely for you to settle with higher rate of interest.

By comparing you can catch a glimpse of what has been offered and if this is the right option to consider. So, don’t forget to tally interest rates, prepayment clauses and applicable charges on loans. This you can easily do with the help online loan calculating tool like loan calculator.

It may happen that the offer that is claimed to have the lowest rate is not the one that fits your budget. In order to figure this out you will have to shop around online for the best deal. By comparing rates you will not just be able to understand the average rate but also can negotiate for reasonable price.


If you are thinking of applying for a personal loan, then spend some time to figure out some of the common mistakes made by people at the time of applying. This in the long run will prevent you from spending extra money.

A hassle free online process makes applying for a personal loan a matter of few clicks on the mouse. But this should not lead to lack of awareness and carelessness from your end. You should be very careful with every step. A single mistake can create a big problem for you. You might face consequences like subsequent financial crisis or even in worst case can get trapped in a spiral of debt.

It is not that you will also repeat the same mistake done by other people. But there is no harm in being extra cautious when it comes to getting a loan option like personal loan. Moreover, it is also important to research carefully before getting started with the application process of personal loan.


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